How Do I Enable Anonymous Grading for an Assignment in GradeIt?

If you want to grade assignments without knowing who submitted them, you can hide student names in GradeIt for anonymous grading. Hiding student names is done on a per-assignment basis.

If you want to hide student names for all assignments in a course, learn how to manage feature options in the course features lesson.

Note: Hiding names in GradeIt does not affect names in the Gradebook and must be done separately. Learn how to hide student names in the Gradebook.


Open Settings

Once you have GradeIt open, click the Show Settings link in the sidebar.


Hide Student Names

To hide the student names, click the checkbox next to Hide student names in the GradeIt.

Note: If this checkbox is already selected and grayed out, this feature has been enabled for the entire course as a feature option in Course Settings.


Save Settings

Click the Save Settings button.


View Student Names

View the student drop-down menu and verify that all student names are hidden.

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