How Do I Restrict Files and Folders to Students in Curve?

Users can edit permissions for files, including setting the state of the file (published or unpublished), make files available to students who have the link, or schedule availability dates for the files.

When the Link Restriction is set, the file can only be viewed if they are given a direct link to the file.

Note: his option only allows files to be hidden from students in Course Files. This functionality is not valid outside of the Files feature. For instance, if a file with a link restriction is added to a Module or Assignment, the file can always be viewed by students.  

When the Student Availability Date Restriction is set, students can only view the name and information for the file. In addition to Course Files, files with an Availability Date Restriction can be viewed anywhere in Curve, but outside of the date range specified, the file will be locked and they cannot view the actual file.

Note: You can also restrict a file or folder as part of setting usage rights for files or for folders.


Open Files

In Course Navigation, click the Files link.


Select File

By default, course files are published, meaning they are visible and accessible to all users [1]. Teachers and TAs can restrict files and folders, which means the content will only be accessible to teachers and TAs in the course as long as the file is not placed to a content area outside of Files (e.g. Modules, Assignments).

Files can also have Restricted Access [2] or be unpublished [3].

To edit a permission, click a file's cloud icon.


Restrict File

Click the Restricted Access option.


Restrict Student Access

The default restriction option is to make the file only available to students with the link. The Not visible in student files option [1] makes the file available to students who are given a link to the file. The file will be hidden to students in Course Files.

Note: This hidden option only applies to Course Files; if you add this file to another area of Curve, such as Assignments or Modules, all students can view the file.

The Schedule student availability option [2] gives students a window of time to view the file. If you select this option, the file can be viewed by students in Course Files as well as anywhere in Curve, but the file will be locked and they cannot view the actual file until the specified date.

To set student availability dates, enter the starting date for the file to be available in the Available From field [3]. If applicable, enter the date when students can no longer allow students to view the file in the Available Until field [4]. You can use the calendar to enter a date.

The time field is optional and if not selected it will default to 12am.

Once you are done making changes, click the Update button [5].

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