How Do I Bulk Upload Files to My Course?

If you have a lot of files to add to your Course, you can bulk upload them.

Note: You can also bulk upload files by dragging and dropping the files into Curve from your computer. However, sometimes too many files can cause problems. If you have more than 50 files, try compressing the files and uploading the .zip file into your course.

Note: If you are using Usage Rights, you must set the file usage rights before the files can be published.


Open Files

In Course Navigation, click the Files link.


Upload Files

Click the Upload button.


Open Files

Select the files you want to upload to your course [1]. Click the Open button [2].

Note: You can hold Shift and click to select a number of files that are next to each other.


View Upload Process

View the progress bars for the file uploads.


View Files

View the added files.

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