How Do I Create a Student Group Assignment?

You can create a group assignment by assigning a Group Set to the Assignment. Curve uses Group Sets to assign group assignments, and each Group within the Group Set will be required to complete the assignment.  

You will need to assign a Group Set as part of the assignment. You can add an existing Group Set, or you can create a new Group Set as part of the assignment and add students to groups later. 


Open Assignments 


In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link. 


Add Assignment 


Click the Edit Assignment button. 


Select Group Assignment 


To set the Assignment as a Group Assignment, select a student group through the Group Set drop-down box. If the Assignment is not set as a Group Assignment, None should be selected here. 


Assign Grades Individually 


You can choose to assign grades to students individually by selecting the Assign grades to each student individually checkbox. 

If this box is left unchecked, all the students in the group will receive the same grade. 

Note: In group assignments, one submission will count for the entire group. 


Select Group Set 


Click the Group Set drop-down menu to select which groups will be assigned [1] or create a new group category [2]. 

Note: Groups created by students cannot be used for Group Assignments and do not appear in the drop-down menu. 


Save and Publish 


If you have completed which changes you wish to make, click the Save button. 

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