How Do I Add a Grading Scheme to an Assignment? 

You can add a grading scheme to an assignment. You can use search for grading schemes created by your institution or you can create a new grading scheme. 

Note: If you choose to export your Course as a file, the grading scheme for the assignment will also be exported as part of the Course’s file. If that file is imported back into Curve, the grading scheme will be imported with it. 

Note: Using an account-level grading scheme built by your institution only links the scheme into your Course. The scheme does not become part of your course.


Open Assignments 

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.  


Open Assignment 

Click the Edit button. 


Edit Grading Type 


Click the Display Grade as drop-down menu and select how you would like to display the assignment grade. Grading schemes are supported with the Letter Grade and GPA Scale options. 


View Grading Scheme 

Click the Select Grading Scheme link. 


Search Grading Schemes 


Curve will show you the available grading schemes for the assignment [1]. Once you select one, the details of the grading scheme will appear [2] to display what percentage values will translate into the corresponding letter grades (or GPA Scale, depending on what you have selected). If you wish to view another grading scheme, select it on the left [1]. 

Once you have found a grading scheme that you prefer, you can set it as the standard for the assignment. At the bottom of the grading scheme, click the Use This Grading Standard button [3]. 

Save Assignment 


Click the Save button. 

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