How Do I Assign a Graded Discussion to an Individual Student or Course Section?

When creating or editing a graded discussion, instructors can specify whether the graded discussion should be for everyone in the course, for specific sections, or for individual students. Availability date functionality is still available for each graded discussion.

Only the section(s) or student(s) specified in the discussion details can view the graded discussion.

When using differentiated assignments with the Gradebook, the graded discussion appears as a column for all students, but grade cells are grayed out for students who have not been included in the discussion. Grades cannot be assigned for students who have not been included in the graded discussion, and graded discussions that are not assigned to a student are not factored into overall grades. Differentiated assignments are also respected in Multiple Grading Periods.

On the student grades page, students can only view graded discussions that are assigned to them, either individually or as part of a course or section.


Open Discussions

In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.


Add Discussion

Click the Add Discussion button.


Create Discussion

Create your discussion by utilizing the following options: 

  1. Enter your topic title in the topic title field.
  2. Use the Rich Content Editor to format your discussion’s content.


Set Graded Discussion

Click the Graded checkbox.


Enter Grading Details

Enter the number of points possible [1]. Select the Grading Type [2] and Assignment Group [3], and assign Peer Reviews [4], if any.



Assign to Section or User

By default, Curve will set your discussion for everyone in your course. To create the graded discussion for specific sections or users, click the Everyone remove icon [1], then start to type in the name of a section or user [2]. Search fields are dynamic, and you can search for students by first or last name. When the full name appears, click the name [2]. Lists are not scrollable.

You can include more than one user in the To field, such as the name of a section or student, multiple sections, or multiple students, as long as they are to be assigned the same due and availability dates.


Edit Due and Availability Dates

In the date fields, add your preferred date(s) with the following options: 

  • Due [1]: Set the date and time that the graded discussion is due. The due date will already be populated for you if you created an assignment shell, but you can change it if necessary.
  • Available From [2]: Set the date and time when the graded discussion will become available.
  • Until [3]: Set the date and time when the graded discussion will no longer be available.
  • Add Override [4]: Add new Due and Availability Dates for other users in your course.

Note: Beneath the Due Date and Availability date fields, Curve will display the time zone date and time according to context. If you manage courses in a time zone other than your local time zone and create or edit a due date for a graded discussion, the course and local times are displayed for reference.


Remove Dates

You can also delete additional dates by clicking the remove icon next to the appropriate date.


Save and Publish

If you are ready to publish your discussion, click the Save & Publish button [1]. If you want to create a draft of your discussion and publish it later, click the Save button [2].


Due Date Warning

If you do not add all course sections to the graded discussion, you will see a warning message asking you if you want to add those sections.

Note: This warning message will not appear if everyone in the course or all course sections are assigned as any of the sections.

If you submit an invalid string of due dates and try to save the graded discussion, Curve generates an error notification. Such invalid entries include not unlocking the discussion before it is due, not placing the due date inside the range of availability dates, or assigning a date that is outside the course or term dates. 

Correct the date and then update the discussion again.

Note: If the course does not include specified course start and end dates, Curve validates the discussion against the term date set for the course.


View Graded Discussion Dates

When viewing a Discussion, you to view users and due dates for the discussion, click the Show Due Dates link. This will open a drop-down menu which will display the Due Dates and Availability Dates.

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