How Do I Create an Assignment Shell in an Assignment Group? 

Assignment shells are placeholders for Assignments until you edit the Assignment details. You can create an Assignment shell on the Assignments index page. Assignment shells are saved as unpublished Assignments. 

Assignment shells can only be created as part of an Assignment Group. 


Open Assignments 


In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link. 


Create Assignment Shell 


In an Assignment Group header, click the Add icon. 


Enter Assignment Shell Details 


Enter the Assignment title in the Name field [1], provide a Description for the Assignment, enter the number of points for the Assignment in the points field [3], set the Assignment type by selecting the type drop-down menu [4], click the Calendar icon to select a due date or type in a Due date [5]. 

Note: You do not need a Description [2], Assignment Group [4] or a Rubric (pictured below) in order to create an Assignment shell. 


View Course or Term Date Error 

If you have set a due date that is outside the course dates, the Assignment will display an error message. 

Correct the date and then save the Assignment again.  

Note: If the course does not include specified course start and end dates, Curve validates the assignment against the term date set for the course. 


Save Assignment Shell 

Once you have completed all required fields, you can click the Save button to save the Assignment as a draft. If you have not filled out the required fields, you will remain on the page and the required fields will be outlined in red.

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