How Do I Create a Course?

After you have selected Add Course on the Courses screen, you will need to complete a few steps before your Course is ready to be taken by Learners.


Here you create the description of your Course.

  • Title/Subtitle- The name of the Course you are creating and an optional subtitle for the Course.
  • Description- This is a short description of the Course that is used on the Course page.
  • Category/Subcategory- Select the category that you want the Course placed in for searching. If subcategories have been created, then you will have the option to add the Course to that as well.

STEP 2: 

Here you will add the content of your Course that the Learners will work through to complete the Course. 

Several of these pieces of content have guides of their own. These are listed below these bullets. If you wish to skip to one of those guides, you can click the corresponding link. 

  • Section- These are used to organize multiple Lessons. 
  • Lesson- A Lesson contains the content the Learner will complete. 
  • Quiz- A Quiz is created for a Learner to complete. 
  • Gating- A Course can be “gated,” meaning the Learner must complete prior Lesson content before moving to later content.  This can be turned on or off for the Course with this setting. 
  • Course Image– You may upload an image that will appear next to the title of your Course. 
  • Promo Video- A video can also be used instead of the Course Image to show the user.


As pictured below, you can add a title and a learning objective that will be shown to the Learner on the Course page.


Below where you edit the Section title and content, you can add, edit, or delete Lessons for that Section. For each lesson, you can add a title and description that will be shown to the Learner.  You can then add, edit, or delete different forms of content and polls.


Once you click the Add Content button, you will receive a pop-up screen that will allow you to select the type of content you would like to include in the lesson. Each content type has a guide below.

  • Video Files- This allows you to add uploaded or hosted files that do not have a player with them. (This would NOT be for links to videos on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.)
  • Text/Video-  This allows you to create a multimedia page that you want a Learner to experience. What you see in the editor is what the Learners will see when they open the Lesson.
    • Embedded Video-  Using the Text/Video option you are able to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
    • Insert Images- Using the Text/Video option you are able to upload images or add them from a URL.
  • File- Here you can add any type of files you want the user to open or download that stand alone.  
  • Question- This is for adding a free form response question.  The Learner is given a question and able to write a response that is marked correct/incorrect by the Teacher.


You can link directly to a hosted video file from a CDN or other source in the top input. This is NOT for video sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. This is for files only. If you wish to link or embed a video, use Text/Video.

Although using a CDN or other hosted source is the preferred option., you can upload a video by dragging and dropping the file to the area designated (pictured below) or clicking the upload button and locating the file on your computer. The file must be under 1GB and in .mp4 format.


Selecting the Text/Video option will give you an editor that allows you to format text similar to a Microsoft Word experience. You may also add images and embedded videos, including those from sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

The way that the text is formatted here will be how the Learner sees it upon opening the Lesson.


You can embed videos from sources such as YouTube or Vimeo by using the editor.  By clicking the camera icon, you will be presented with the screen below.  You can paste the YouTube-type link into the provided space and insert the video into the Lesson content.


You can upload images or insert an image URL by selecting the image icon in the editor.  Once that is selected you will get the screen pictured below.


This screen is used to add downloadable file types such as PDFs, DOCs, and other formats.  You could add images as well if you want them listed as a single file.  If you need text or content around them then you would use the Text/Video format for adding them.


This type is similar to the Quiz type except it allows the Teacher to grade the submission and give feedback. You create the question by writing it in the input field the way you want it presented to the Learner. Then you add it to the lesson as standalone content. This creates a single question but multiple can be added if needed.


Once you click the Add Poll button, you can fill in the title, question/statement and the options for Learners to choose.  Once completed and FINISH clicked, it will be added to the Lesson.  This is not graded, but if Gating is turned on for the Course, it will not be optional for the Learner.


Adding a Quiz allows you to ask your students multiple choice questions. Unlike the Question tool above, Quiz allows you to set a passing percentage if you wish, and a quiz can have as many questions as you would like to create. Be sure to Save any quizzes that you complete!

There are also two different types of questions a Quiz can have:

  • Checkbox- This type allows the Learner to check all that are correct.
  • Multiple Choice-  This type allows the Learner multiple options to choose where only one is correct.

  1. Pass Percentage- Set a percentage of the questions that must be completed before moving to the next section. This creates a form of Learning Mastery for Course Content.  This will only keep Learners from moving to the next content it gating is turned on.
  2. Question Type- Here you select the question type that is used for either allowing multiple correct responses (CHECKBOX) or one correct response (MULTIPLE CHOICE).
  3. Select Correct Answer- This box is provided to allow you to determine the correct answer for the question provided.  If this question is a “Checkbox” type, then multiple answers can be selected.
  4. Add/Remove-  You can add additional response options or additional question types here to make a quiz as simple or complex as you need. Also, you can click the red (X) to the far right of the questions to remove a response from the question.



Here you will manage who has access to your Course and how long the Course will run.

1) Add Learners -  Allows you to add individual Learners or you can click the box to add All Learners.

2) Privacy - Allows you to determine if the Course should be searchable for all Learners or if it should only appear to those that you enroll through “Add Learners” above.

3) Badges (optional)- Allows you to upload badges that are awarded to Learners upon completion of the Course. 

4) Due Date (optional)- Allows you to set a due date in which Learners must complete the Course to receive the badge.


4) Compliance (optional)- Allows you to select a time frame they are compliant if a certificate is awarded.



Here you will be able to review the Course you have created before Submitting it to be taken.


1) Preview -  This shows a quick overview of the Course image, name and description.

2) Syllabus – Here you can review the content of the Course.

3) Submit – Once you have reviewed the Course, click SUBMIT MY COURSE to publish the Course to the platform to be taken by Learners.


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