What Information is on My Learner Dashboard?

Here in the Learner Dashboard, you can see information important to them and keep track of the progress that you are making.

1) Recent Announcements- Here you can see the most recent Announcement that has been sent to you.

2) Success Meter- This is a measure of your completed assignments. Your Success Meter is a percentage of your completed assignments compared to your total assignments.

3) Recently Started Courses- Here is a list of courses in which you have enrolled.

4) Achievements- Certain courses may have an Achievement, such as a badge or certificate. You will be able to view the Achievements you have earned here.

5) Announcements– Here you can see Announcements. These are organized with the most recent on top.

6) Personal Statistics– This area allows you to see the number of courses in which you are enrolled. The “time spent learning” here refers to the total time you have spent watching videos in your courses.

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