What Can I Do on the My Courses Page?

On the "My Courses" page, a Teacher can view the Courses they have created. You cannot see Courses that have been created by other Teachers.

Here, you are able to delete the Course, manage it, or view the Course as a Learner. If your Courses are part of a Learning Path, you will see the Learning Path here as well. 


Below the completed Courses will be your Drafts. Drafts are Courses that have not been “Published.” 

If a Course you believe has been completed but cannot be viewed by Learners, check your Drafts first, because you may have entered all the information for the Course but not published the Course at the end of the creation process. To correct this, click the Manage button and then Submit or Publish the Course.

Once submitted, the Course will show to the Learners assigned to the Course.


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