How Do I Create a Learning Path?

Once on the Learning Path selection screen, you will see an option to Add a Learning Path. Afterwards, you will be taken to the Learning Path Creation screen:

  1. This is the Image that is shown to Learners for the Learning Path.
  2. This is the Badge that will be given to Learners once they complete the Learning Path.
  3. This is the basic text information shown on the Learning Path. Only a Title is required.
  4. This section contains the settings for the Learning Path. From top to bottom:
  • Add To Search -  Adds the Learning Path so all Learners are able to find it and join.
  • Paid Learning Path - Allows you to offer the Learning Path for sale and set the cost of the Learning Path.
  • Add All Learners – Every Learner on the platform will be enrolled in the Learning Path.
  • Add Learners -  You can search and add Learners by username on the platform individually.
  • Add Course -  From here, you can search and add courses to the Learning Path that a Learner will need to complete to follow this Learning Path.
  • Add Learning Path - You can contain a Learning Path inside of another Learning Path.
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