What is on the Courses page?

This is the Courses page for the Administrator. It contains all Courses in the platform and allows the Administrator to Manage the Courses, View them as a Learner, or Delete them. 


  • Clicking "View" shows how a Learner would see the Course 
  • Clicking "Manage" takes the user to the course creation wizard for that course. 
  • Clicking "Add Course" takes the user to the course creation wizard for a new course. 
  • Clicking the trashcan icon will delete the course for the platform. (This cannot be undone.) 

The user may also see which Courses are included in Learning Paths or not as well as which Courses are free. Those included in Learning Paths will have a note in the top-left corner of the Course’s image, and those that are free will have an orange ribbon in the top-right corner of the Course’s image. (all of the Courses pictured here are free, and all but Introduction to “Graphic Design” and “Cyber Bully” are part of Learning Paths) 

Courses for sale will have a red ribbon instead of an orange one. 


Below the finished courses (pictured above) the user can see the Courses that are Pending approval and those that are still being worked on, or Drafts. Both sections are pictured below.



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