How Do I View Student Groups as an Instructor?

Curve has two types of groups: Student Groups and Group Sets. Student Groups can be created by either an instructor or a student and are self-organized by students. Group Sets are groups that you create to use for graded assignments.

Note: The Groups page displays a limit of 50 group sets. 


Open People


In Course Navigation, click the People link.


View User Groups


The People page defaults to the Everyone tab, which displays all users in your course. To view user groups, click the sidebar View User Groups button [1]. Or click the Groups tab [2].


Add Group Set


If you haven't created any groups, you can create a new group set by clicking the Add Group Set button.


View Group Sets


Once you create a group set in your course, the group set appears as a tab for easy access to the group information. You can also view a group set directly by clicking the name of the tab.

The highlighted tab shows which group set you are viewing. Click any tab to view another group set.


When you created the group set, you also created groups, either manually or automatically. You can expand each group and see which students are assigned to each group in the group set, if any, by clicking the group name.

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