How Do I Manage the Options in the Account Settings Tab?

As an admin, the Account Settings tab contains multiple settings you can control and change in your Curve account.


Select Group


Select the Managed Account in the Courses & Groups drop-down menu.


Open Settings


With a Group selected, click the Settings link in the Navigation menu.


View Settings


Account Settings defaults to the Settings tab. Here you can view all the details available to you in your account.


View Account Settings


The Account Settings section allows you to specify settings for the entire account, including account name [1], default language [2], default time zone [3], whether to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for users attempting to log in [4], and self-enrollment option [5].

If you want to customize the login field for your login page, you can customize the login label [6]. Note: This feature is now available in the Authentications Page as part of SSO Settings.

You can also specify trusted URLs at the root account [6]. This option allows accounts to have custom login pages hosted on different domains but still keep the authenticity token. 


You can also allow or restrict a few options for the entire account:

If you don't want teachers to be able to rename their courses, select the Don't let teachers rename their courses checkbox [1].

If you wish to include students in global surveys, select the appropriate checkbox [2].

When setting notification preferences, students can opt-in to receive their grades as part of notification updates. However, the notification will not be honored unless you select the Let students opt-in to receive their scores via email checkbox [3].

If you don’t want students to be able to view quiz questions after the course end date, select the Restrict students from viewing quiz questions after course end date checkbox [4].

If you don't want students to see any of their future enrollments until the student start date set in the upcoming term dates, select the Keep students from viewing their courses before the start date checkbox [5].


View Quiz IP Address Filters


The Quiz IP Address filter allows an administrator to setup a set of IP filters that can be used to limit quiz-taking to those filters.  This is often used by an organization to limit tests to an on-campus testing center.

Note: Sub-account admins can set Quiz IP Address Filters.


View Features


The Features section of this page is where you enable or disable certain built-in functionality of Curve.


View Web Services


The Enabled Web Services section is where you enable third-party integrations. These integrations can be used to extend the functionality of a user's Curve profile. For example, when a user connects their Twitter account to their Curve user profile, Curve can send that user private Twitter messages about new assignments, quizzes, messages, etc. This is all configurable in the user's Notification Preferences.

Note: Sub-account admins cannot enable web services by default.


View Who Can Create New Courses


You can choose who can create new courses within your account.

Note: Sub-account admins cannot choose who can create new courses by default.


Update Settings


Once you are done making changes, click the Update button.

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