How Do I Prevent Students from Switching Groups in Self Sign-Up Groups?

When self sign-up is enabled for a group, instructors are unable to prevent students from switching groups. However, as an instructor, you can turn off the self sign-up at any time. By turning off the self sign-up, you prevent students from switching groups.


Open People


In Course Navigation, click the People link.


Open Group Set


Click the View User Groups button [1] or an existing group set [2].


Edit Group


Click the Group Set Settings icon [1], then click the Edit link [2].


Turn Off Self Sign-up


Make sure that there is not a check mark in the Allow self sign-up checkbox to turn off the self sign-up [1]. Click the Save button [2].

Disabling self sign-up prevents students from moving between groups on their own. You will need to move them between groups and sign the students up for groups as needed.

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