How Do I Message Students Who Have Not Signed Up for a Self-Sign-Up Group?

If you have created a self-sign-up group within your course, you can message students who have not yet signed up for a group and remind them to do so.


Open People


In Course Navigation, click the People link.


Open Group Set


Click the View User Groups button [1] or an existing group set [2].


Confirm Group Creation and Options


Open the Settings of the Group [1] and then select to Edit [2] the Group.


Verify that the box is checked to Allow self sign-up [1].

If you changed any options while here, be sure to click the Save button [2] so that the changes will take effect.


Message All Unassigned Students


To send a reminder to students who have not signed up for a group, click the Group Set Settings icon [1], then click the Message All Unassigned Students link [2].


Message Students for Self-sign-up


Type your message into the text area [1]. If you wish to go back, click the Cancel button [2]. When you are finished with your message, click the Send button [3] to message students who have not signed up for this self-sign-up group.

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