Why Can't I Access a Module as a Student?

Depending on the course, there may be prerequisites or requirements for course members to move through. If you don't have access to a module, then you may need to complete a prerequisite or requirement before moving on. Also, instructors may lock modules until a given date.


View Requirement Modules


If a module includes requirements, you have to finish the requirements in the module before being able to progress to the next module. If all module items are required, check that you have started and completed all items.

Once the module is completed, the next module will unlock.


View Prerequisite Modules


If a module includes a prerequisite module, you cannot view the module until you have completed the module noted as the prerequisite.


View Locked Modules


If a module is locked without a prerequisite module, the module has been locked by your instructor and will open at the date indicated at the bottom of the module.



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