How Do I Embed a Video in a Page in My Group?

Curve lets you embed video content within a Page.


Open Pages


In Group Navigation, click the Pages link. 


Open Page


Click the title of the page you wish to open.


Edit Page


Click the Edit button.


Copy the Video’s Embed Code


On your video’s page, locate the code from the external video source you wish to use. To do this, find the Share option [1] on the frame of the video and look for the Embed option [2]. If you wish to change the details of the embed, such as the size of the viewing window on your page, there may be a button [3] to “Show more” options for you to choose.


Insert Media Content


With your cursor where you would like the video to appear, click the Insert/Edit media content button.


Paste the Embed Code


Copy the displayed embed code for the video content and paste it into the HTML editor in Curve.

Note: You may instead choose to copy a link into the Source section of this window. Curve will create an embed code for you, but it is more reliable to receive the embed code from the site itself.


Once you have inserted the embed code, click the Insert button to insert the code into your Page.


Save Changes


Click the Save button.

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