How Do I Create Multiple Grading Periods for My Institution?

Multiple Grading Periods allows you to create separate grading periods for courses within your institution. This feature allows courses to be active during multiple terms and allow instructors to specify course work within a specific term.

As an admin at the account level, you can create grading period templates, which automatically appear at the course level for instructors. You can create as many grading periods as necessary.

As Account-level grading periods are created as a resource for each instructor, instructors can retain, modify, or remove account-level Grading Periods for their courses. They can also create their own grading periods.


Select Group


Select the Managed Account in the Courses & Groups drop-down menu.


Open Grading


In Account Navigation, click the Grading link.


Open Grading Periods


Click the Grading Periods tab to open the Grading Periods section.


Add Grading Period


Click the Add Grading Period link.


Add Grading Period Details


Create a name for the grading period [1]. In the start date field [2], enter a start date for the period. You can also use the calendar icon to select a date. In the end date field [3], enter or select an end date.

If you do not include a time, the dates default to 12:00 am.

Note: An end date of 12:00 am means that the previous day is the last full day for the period. For instance, if a course ends on August 31 at 12:00 am, the last full day for the grading period is August 30.


Modify Grading Periods


To add another grading period, click the Add Grading Period link [1]. To remove a grading period, click the Remove icon [2].

Remember to Save [3] any changes that you make.

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