How Do I Set Storage Quotas for an Account?

As an Admin, you can set default account quotas for courses, users, and groups by using the Quotas tab. You can also set quotas by Course ID or Group ID.


Select Group


Select the Managed Account in the Courses & Groups drop-down menu.


Open Settings


With a Group selected, click the Settings link in the Navigation menu.


Open Quotas


Click the Quotas tab.


View Default Account Quotas


In the Default Account Quota section, you can view the default quotas assigned to each course, user, and group [1].

To change quotas, type a new number in the quota fields. Changing the quota will change the quotas for courses, users, and/or groups for the entire account.

To save any changes that you make, click the Update button [2].


Find Manually Settable Quotas


In the Manually Settable Quotas section, you can search for a course or group with a specific quota. In the ID field [1], select whether you wish to search with Course ID or with Group ID. In the text field [2], enter the ID of the course or group. Click the Find button [3].

Note: The course ID is located at the end of your course URL (i.e., and the group ID is located at the end of the URL (i.e.


Update Quota


Curve displays the course or group and the quota [1]. To change the quota, enter a new number in the quota field. Click the Update button [2].

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