How Do I Navigate the Syllabus Table and Calendar?

The Syllabus table and calendar are automatically populated by assignments and events in the course.


Open Syllabus


With a Course selected, click the Syllabus link.


View Syllabus Table


The Syllabus is automatically generated for the course and contains a list of assignments and events [1] with undated items appearing at the bottom [2]. Click the title to view the details of the assignment or event. Any assignments or events that are past the due date are highlighted in gray. Undated items will be listed in alphabetical order. Graded assignments are shown in bold text and events are shown in regular text.


View Syllabus Calendar


The Syllabus calendar highlights the due dates of all the assignments. Today’s date will be shaded grey. Dates which have an assignment due will have a colored marker. Hovering over that date will provide further information about the assignment.

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