How Does Curve Handle New Student Account Enrollments by Email Address?

Curve identifies users by email address. When students are added to a course, Curve attempts to reconcile any email address conflicts when the user first logs in to the course. This guide addresses possible scenarios that may occur when an instructor invites a student to a course or when a course is enabled for self-enrollment.


Invite a Student to Enroll


An instructor may invite a student to join a course using the student's email address. Alternatively, a course may be designated for self-enrollment, allowing a student to register themselves using an email address.


Curve Ties the Email Address to an Account

Curve uses the email address to identify the student. Depending on the status of that email address in Curve, one of the following three scenarios will occur:


Scenario 1: Student Creates a New Curve Account

If the email address does not already exist in Curve, the student will receive an email prompting them to create a new account. 


Scenario 2: Student already has a Curve Account

If the email address is already associated with an account, the student will be prompted to log in to accept the enrollment. Once the student logs in with their existing Curve account, they will be enrolled in the course.


Scenario 3: Student has Multiple Curve Accounts

Sometimes a student may be using multiple email addresses within Curve. If a student responds to a course invitation at one email address, but is logged in to Curve using a different email address, the student will be asked if they want to link both addresses to the same account.

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