How Does Curve Handle Email Address Conflicts for Account SIS Imports?

Normally email addresses are unique to each student. At times multiple students may share a single email address. When adding students to courses via SIS import, Curve recognizes when an email address is assigned to more than one student.


Curve Detects Email Address Conflict

If a new SIS ID is associated with an email address already assigned to an existing SIS ID, Curve sends an email to the conflicted email address.

When users are added and/or enrolled in courses through SIS import, they will not receive an email notification unless our system detects a duplicate user. However, if a user is added or enrolled manually they will receive an email notifying them they have been added or enrolled in a new course.

The student sharing an email address with an SIS Import will receive a notification that the email address is already in use and is invited to create a new account in Curve.

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