How Do I Set Permission for a User Role to Import and Manage SIS Data in a Curve Account?

When creating an automated data integration with Curve, you need to set permission for a user role to import and manage your Student Information System (SIS) data. You can set this permission in the Permissions tab in Account Settings.

Note: Before setting permission for a user role, you must ensure the role you want to assign the user already exists in your account.

This lesson recommends creating SIS information in your test environment to avoid conflicts with your live production data. Once you have confirmed your data in your test environment, you can re-apply your SIS integration to your production environment.


Select Group


Select the Managed Account in the Courses & Groups drop-down menu.


Open Permissions


In Account Navigation, click the Permissions link.


Open Account Roles


In the drop-down menu, select Account Roles.


Set SIS Imports Permission


Locate the user role for the permission [1]. Next to the Import and manage SIS data permission, click the Edit icon [2] to open the permissions list for this user.


Once you locate the permission you want (Read SIS and Manage SIS), click the Enable link to open the permissions drop-down menu.

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