How Do I Restrict Student Access for an Account Before or After the Course Date?

As an Admin, you can choose to set default restrictions for student access in your institution. These restrictions include student access to courses before the start date and/or after the end date.

To manage student access, you can set the default value but allow instructors and sub-account admins to edit access for the course and sub-account levels as necessary, or you can set and lock the student access setting for the entire institution. The checkbox settings at the account level are passed to the sub-account and course levels as default values.

Restrict students from viewing course before start date: When a student enrolls in a future course, the course displays in the Future Enrollments section in the student Courses list. Once a course is published, the course displays an invitation to join the course, where the students can view course content at any time before the course begins. However, when the student restriction for the course start date is enabled, students cannot view a link to the course until the start date, even if the course is published.

Restrict students from viewing course after end date: Once a course has concluded, students can still view the course but all content is displayed in a read-only state. However, when the student restriction for the course end date is enabled, students can no longer view the course in the Courses list after the course has concluded. This setting can be used if your institution uses the course across multiple terms and want to restrict students from accessing prior content for future students, or if students have to re-enroll in the course.

These restriction settings also apply to the override start and end dates for the course. If no override dates are specified, the start and end dates apply to the term dates.


Select Group


Select the Managed Account in the Courses & Groups drop-down menu.


Open Settings


With a Group selected, click the Settings link in the Navigation menu.


Set Student Access


In the Account Settings tab, locate the options to restrict students from viewing courses before or after the course start date.

By default, student access checkboxes are not selected, meaning students can view a link to any enrolled future course (after they accept their course invitation) or a concluded course.

To retain this default for the entire institution, do not select any checkboxes.

To set a default for the entire account so that students cannot access the course after the course end date, Restrict students from viewing courses after end date checkbox [1].

To set a default for the entire account so that students cannot view a link to the course before the start date, click the Restrict students from viewing courses before start date checkbox [2].

Note: These checkboxes set a preset for all new courses created in the account. They also apply to any section override dates.


Lock Access Setting


If you want to lock the default setting for sub-accounts and courses, click the Lock this setting for sub-accounts and courses checkbox for the appropriate student access option.

Note: These checkboxes also apply to all existing courses and section override dates in the account.


Update Settings


To save any changes you have made, click the Update button at the bottom of the screen.

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