How Do I Use the Course Home Page as a Student?

If you are enrolled in a course as a student, the Course Home Page helps you navigate your course and manage your coursework.


Open Course


Click the Courses & Groups drop-down menu [1], then click the name of your course [2].


View Course Home Page


The Course Home Page involves Course Navigation [1] and the content area [2].


View Course Navigation


Click the icon [1] to expand or collapse the Course Navigation drop-down menu.

The Course Home Page is viewed from the Course Navigation Home link [2].

Course Navigation includes links that help you get to specific locations in the course. Instructors can customize what links are shown in a course, so if you don't see links that may display in other courses, your instructor has hidden those links from your view.

The active link of the page you are viewing is highlighted in blue [3]. This highlight helps you quickly identify the feature area you are currently viewing in Curve.


View Content Area


Home Page content (and all Curve content) is displayed in the content area.

The content can be a page, the syllabus, discussions, announcements, quizzes, or imported content.


View Breadcrumbs


“Breadcrumbs” appear above the course content area. “Breadcrumbs” refers to a trail you leave as you move deeper into the Course.

As you view course content, the breadcrumbs leave a trail to show where you are inside the course. You can follow these links backward to visit prior course content.

The breadcrumb Dashboard will take you to the Curve Dashboard.

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