How Do I Create a Course in an Account?

You can create a course in your account in the Courses page.

Note: Courses can also be created through SIS Imports. Manually created courses are not linked back to any SIS data (though they could be) and are not affected by SIS imports.


Select Group


Select the Managed Account in the Courses & Groups drop-down menu.


Add New Course


Once the Group is selected, you will arrive at the Courses screen.

In the side menu, click the Add New Course button.


Add New Course Details


In the Course Name field [1], create a name for the course.

In the Short Name field [2], create a reference code for the course. The reference code is also known as the short name or course code and is displayed at the top of the Course Navigation Menu and as part of a student's course card in the dashboard.

In the Content License drop-down box, select the level of Copyright you wish to apply to this Course.

If you wish to make the Course publicly visible, click the appropriate checkbox [4]. Student data will remain private, even if the Course is public.

Click the Create course button [5] when you are done editing this stage of the Course.

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