How Do I Delete a Course in an Account?

Once you delete a course, the course will be completely removed from your institution's account and will not be viewable by you, prior students, or the account administrator. We do not recommend deleting courses (even concluded ones), especially if the course contains content and student data because you may need to access that information a later date.

If you only want to remove the course from Courses & Groups in the Global Navigation Bar, you can change the course end date, or conclude the course instead.

Note: Before you delete a course, make sure you have a record of your Course ID number in case you need to restore it. You can locate your Course ID number at the end of your course URL (i.e.


Open the Course


Use the Courses and Groups dropdown menu to open the course you wish to delete. You can search for it in the Course name field. You can also get to the course by typing in the Course URL.


Open Settings


In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.


Permanently Delete Course


Click the Permanently Delete this Course button.


Confirm Deletion


Click the Delete Course button to confirm deletion.

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