How Do I De-Cross-List a Section in a Course?

If you cross-listed a section from a course, you may be able to cross-list the same section back into the original course. This process is called de-cross-listing and returns all student enrollments back to the original course section. However, once you de-cross-list enrollments, all grades and student submissions are removed from the course (since the course can no longer associate the information with any course enrollments). If you need to retain student grades and put them in the original course, you should export the Gradebook and import it into the original course before de-cross-listing the section.

Note: If you are an instructor and you cannot view the De-Cross-List this Section button, you no longer have an enrollment in the original course. For assistance in de-cross-listing a section, please contact your Curve admin.


Open Course Settings


In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.


Open Sections Tab


Click the Sections tab.


Open Section


Click the title of the section you want to de-cross-list.


De-Cross-List This Section


Click the De-Cross-List button. The section will be moved back to its original course.

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