How Do I Restore a Deleted Course in an Account?

Note: You must be logged in as an Administrative User in order to make use of this lesson.

You can restore courses that have been deleted either by you or by an instructor. You must know the Course ID number to restore the course. If your instructor cannot locate the Course ID number, you can access the instructor’s user details and look for the Course ID under Page Views.

Note: Using an SIS ID will not restore a course unless the course was deleted via SIS.  


Select Group


Select the Managed Account in the Courses & Groups drop-down menu.


Open Admin Tools


When you have a Group selected, click the Admin Tools link in Global Navigation.


Enter Course ID


In the Course ID field [1], enter the Course ID of the course you want to restore. Click the Find button [2].

If you have multiple deleted courses, you can use the drop-down menu to select a course [3].


Restore Course


When the course appears, click the Restore button.


Confirm Course Undelete


Curve will confirm you have restored your course.

To view the course, click the View Course button [1]. To add user enrollments into the course, click the Add Enrollments button [2].

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