How Do I Use the Quizzes Index Page?

You can view all your quizzes in your course on the Quizzes Index page. As an instructor, you can also add quizzes, create quiz groups, and modify quiz settings. You can also reorder quizzes and quiz groups.


Open Quizzes


In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.


View Quizzes Index Page


The Quizzes Index page is designed with global settings at the top of the page [1], followed by the grouped Quiz types [2]. Individual quizzes are nested within each Quiz type [3].


View Quizzes Global Settings


Global settings include adding new quizzes [1]. You can also manage questions banks in the settings drop-down menu [2].


View Quizzes Groups


Quizzes groups can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the arrow next to the name.


View Individual Quiz


Each quiz displays the quiz name [1], due date (if any) [2], the number of points the quiz is worth [3], and the quiz draft state status (published or unpublished) [4].

Note: Due dates are not required for a quiz.


Manage Individual Quiz


For each individual quiz, you can use the settings drop-down menu to edit or delete the quiz.

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