How Do I Use a Rubric to Grade an Assignment?

This lesson describes how to use a Rubric to grade student work on an assignment. Learn how to create a rubric and attach it to an assignment.  


Open Assignments


In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.


Open Assignment


Click the assignment title.


Edit Assignment


Click the Edit icon.


Use Rubric for Grading


Select the Use this rubric for assignment grading checkbox [1]. Click the Update Rubric button [2].


Open GradeIt


When viewing the assignment, click the GradeIt button.


Show Rubric


Click the Show Rubric button.


Grade Work Using Rubrics


Grade student work using the rubric. You can select the options that you wish to provide to the students. Click the Save button when you are finished grading the student. You can also grade student work with free-form comments in a rubric.

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