How Do I Align an Outcome with a Rubric in My Course?

You can align any outcome in your course to a rubric.

Note: The outcome and rubric you want to align must already exist. If you are not using an outcome or rubric provided by your institution, you must first create an outcome and create a rubric for your course.


Open Outcomes


In Course Navigation, click the Outcomes link.


Manage Rubrics


Click the Manage Rubrics button.


View Rubrics


View the rubrics for your course. Click the rubric you wish to edit.


Edit Rubric


Click the Edit icon.


Find Outcome Criterion


Click the Find Outcome link to align an Outcome with the rubric. A pop-up window will appear in your browser.


Choose Outcome


Select the outcome you want to align [1]. Click the Import button [2].


Update Rubric


View the aligned outcome [1]. Click the Save button [2].

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