How Do I Create a Quiz with Individual Questions?

You can add your own questions to your quizzes. You can create various types of quiz questions. Individual questions can also be added to question groups.


Open Quizzes


In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.


Add Quiz


Click the Add Quiz button.


Edit Quiz Settings


In the Settings tab, enter the name of your quiz [1]. In the Rich Content Editor [2], introduce your quiz with formatted text, images, video, or sample math equations. You can even use the media commenting tool to record an introduction to the quiz.

Complete the rest of the quiz settings [3]. If you need help with settings, view the lesson on Quiz options.


Add Question


Click the Questions tab [1]. Manually create a new quiz question by clicking the New Question button [2].


Name Quiz Question


Quiz questions are not automatically numbered for instructors. To add a custom name to your quiz question, enter the name in the question text field. Custom names can help you identify quiz questions more easily.

Regardless of the question name, students always see quiz questions in numerical order (i.e. Question 1, Question 2).


Complete Question


In the question type drop-down menu, you can create the following types of quiz questions:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Fill-in-the-Blank
  • Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks
  • Multiple Answers
  • Multiple Drop-down(can be used for Likert scale)
  • Matching
  • Numerical Answer
  • Formula (simple formulaand single variable)
  • Essay
  • File Upload


You can link course content to create Quiz questions, such as linking a diagram image.


When you have made the changes necessary to complete this question, click the Create Question button.


Save Quiz


When you are done creating questions, go back to the Settings tab and click the Save button to save your work and preview the quiz.

Note: You should not publish your quiz until it is your final product.


Preview and Publish Quiz


Note: Although you can make changes to the quiz after it is published, students who have already opened or completed the quiz will not see any of the changes, which may affect their grades.

Click the Preview button [1] to see what students will see when they take the quiz. If the preview shows the quiz the way you want it, click the Publish button [2]. To make any changes, click the Settings button [3].

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