How Do I Communicate with My Instructor about Assignments?

There are various ways to communicate with your instructor about assignments. The instructor will specify what communication option is the best in the syllabus.


Open Inbox

In Global Navigation, click the Inbox link.


Communicate through Messaging

Click the Compose Message button to start a new message.


Select Recipient

In the drop-down menu, select the Course or Group you wish to message.

In the To field [1], you can type the name of the recipient of your message. If you wish to search for your recipient, click the Search for Recipients button [2], which will open the drop-down selection menu [3]. For purposes of this lesson, you can select the Teachers section to message.


Compose Message

You can develop the Subject and body of your message here. If you wish to attach a file, click the Attach button [1]. Once you have completed your message, click the Send button [2].

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