How Do I Create a New Page in My Course?

As an instructor, you can create a new page to add to your course.

When creating pages, you can set page permissions as to who can edit the page: instructors (teachers), instructors and students, or anyone.


Open Pages


In Course Navigation, click the Pages link.


Add Page


Click the Add Page button.


Add Content


Type a name for your page [1]. Add and edit content, links, and media using the Rich Content Editor [2].


Edit Page Settings


You can decide who can edit the page by selecting the Who can edit this page drop down menu [1]. Options include only teachers, teachers and students, or anyone.

You can also notify users that content has changed by selecting the Notify users that this content has changed checkbox [2].


Save Page


When you are ready, create a draft of your page by clicking the Save button.

Note: If you try to navigate away from a page without saving, you will generate a pop-up warning.


When your page is saved in a draft state, you can return to the page and publish it at any time by clicking the Publish button [1]. The button will change from gray to green and indicate that the Page is currently Published [2].

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