How Do I Embed a Video in a Page in My Course?

Curve lets you embed video content within a Page. Learn more about the accepted media (audio and video) file types in Curve.


Open Pages


In Course Navigation, click the Pages link.


Open Page


Click the title of the page you want to open.


Edit Page


Click the Edit button.


Copy Video Embed Code


When viewing the video that you wish to embed, locate the code from the external video source you wish to use. To do this, find the Share option [1] and look for the Embed option [2]. Copy the embed code below [3].

Note: This example is taken from YouTube. Most video sharing sites have a similar layout to embed videos, but it will vary between sites.


Add Media Content


Make sure that your cursor is positioned where you wish the video to be embedded on your page, and click the Insert/Edit media content link.


Paste Embed Code


Copy the displayed embed code for the video content and paste it into the HTML editor in Curve. The information for Source and Dimensions will automatically fill in based on the information you have provided.


Save Page


Click the Insert button.


Click to Save your page.


View Page


View the video embedded into your page, and ensure that you have embedded the correct video into your page.

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