How Do I Use the Pages Index Page?

You can view all your pages in your course on the Pages Index Page. As an instructor, you can add new pages, edit pages, and manage page settings.


Open Pages


In Course Navigation, click the Pages link.


View Pages Global Settings


For individual pages, global settings include Viewing All Pages [1], publishing and unpublishing the page [2], and editing the page [3]. You can also Delete the page [4].

Note: You cannot delete a page that is set as the Front Page.


View Pages Index Page


The Pages Index has one global function at the top of the page, which is to add new Pages [1].

The rest of the Index displays the individual pages created in Curve [2]. Your front page is identified with a gray Front Page tag [3].


Sort Pages


Pages displays the page title, creation date, and last edit of each page in your course. Pages are arranged in alphabetical order. You can view the pages within the Index in ascending or descending order by clicking the heading of how you wish to sort the Pages.

Note: The arrow doesn’t appear unless you click the heading, and if you click the heading again, the order will reverse.


Manage Individual Pages


For each individual page, you can use the settings drop-down menu [1] to edit the page title or delete the page. You can also set any page as your front page through the page settings.

To edit a page or change the page name, click the name of the page [2].

Note: If a page has not been published, you cannot set it as your Front Page.

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