How Do I Add Items to a Module?

You can add new or existing content items in Curve to a module. You can also add an item to multiple modules, or multiple iterations of an item to one module.

When you add items to a Module, please be aware that the status of the Module overrides the state of the individual module items. You may want to consider leaving all Module items in an unpublished state until you are ready to publish the entire Module.

Note: When adding a restricted file type to a Module, please be aware that restricted files act as published files and may be viewable to students.


Open Modules


In Course Navigation, click the Modules link.


Add Module Item


Click the Add Item button.


Add Item to Module


Click the Item Type drop-down menu and select one of the following item types:

  • Page
  • Assignment
  • Quiz
  • Discussion
  • File (document and media file types)
  • Text Header
  • External URL
  • External Tool

Note: Curve will accept most media files as uploads. However, not all media files can be played within Curve.


Add Existing Content Item


Once you have the Item Type selected, the menu will change to add a drop-down menu to select which Item of the selected type you wish to add. If you have already created the item you want to add, select the name of the item.


Add New Item


If you want to create a new item, click the [New] link in the drop-down menu, and type a name in the name field. This name will also fill in the Title field for the module item above.


Indent Item


Choose the Indentation drop-down menu to indent the item inside of the module.


Add Item


Click the Add Module Item button.


View Module Item


View the selected module item.

By default, your new module item is unpublished.

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