How Do I Set Up Prerequisite Modules?

When you set up prerequisite modules, students must complete a module before moving to the next module. Please note that you cannot prevent a student from accessing an upcoming module unless prerequisites have been set for the prior modules.

For each module, you can only set prerequisite modules that come before a specific module. You may need to reorder modules to create correct prerequisite availability.

You can also require students to complete requirements within a module.

Note: You can only add prerequisites if you have added at least one module.


Open Modules


In Course Navigation, click the Modules link.


Edit Module


Locate the name of the module and click the Settings icon [1]. Select the Edit link [2].


Add Prerequisite


Click the Add Prerequisite link.


Set Prerequisite


In the module drop-down menu, select the module students must complete before moving on.


Manage Prerequisites


To add additional prerequisites, click the Add Prerequisite link [1].

To remove a prerequisite, click the Remove icon [2].


Update Module


Click the Update Module button.


View Module


View your prerequisite(s) in the module header.

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