How Do I Use Draft State in Pages?

Draft State allows content in Pages to exist in an unpublished (draft) state. Unpublished content is invisible to students.

Students cannot see any of the actions involved with Draft State, such as published and unpublished icons and setting icons. Students will only see published pages, which are posted in blue text.

Note: If you use Modules in your course and add a Page to a Module, please be aware that the state of the Module overrides the state of all module items. You may want to consider leaving Pages unpublished until you are ready to publish the entire Module.


Open Pages


In Course Navigation, click the Pages link.


View Status within an Individual Page


Within individual pages, the page status is shown next to the page settings.


Publish a Page


To publish a page, click the Publish button. The button will change from gray to green.

Note: The Page will have to be already added to a Module.

To unpublish a page, click the published button.


View Status of All Pages


On the Pages Index page, you can view the status of each page. Green cloud icons with a white checkmark [1] indicate the page is published. Solid gray cloud icons [2] indicate unpublished pages. You can change the status of a page by toggling the published and unpublished icons.

To publish a page, click the unpublished icon [1].

To unpublish a page, click the published icon [2].

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