What is Draft State in Lessons?

Draft State allows content in Lessons to exist in an unpublished (draft) state. Unpublished Lessons are invisible to Students.

Lessons control the entire flow of your Course and its content.

Lessons also supports publishing or unpublishing files, in addition to setting a file as restricted. The restricted status applies to files only and can hide files from students. However, please be aware that restricted files may still become visible to students when they are added to Lessons.


Open Lessons


Once you have a Course selected in the Courses and Groups dropdown menu, click the Lessons link in the Course Navigation bar.


View Status of All Lessons


On the Index page, you can view the state of each Lesson. The toggle switch will be lit and set to the right [1] to indicate the Lesson is published, or the toggle switch will be grey and set to the left [2] to indicate unpublished Lessons.

You can change the status of a Lesson by clicking the switch to toggle the published or unpublished icons. This will publish or unpublish everything within the section.

Note: Publishing a Lesson will automatically publish any unpublished content items within the Lesson.


Change Status of Lesson Content Items


You can view and change the status of individual Lesson content items as well. Although publishing a Lesson will also publish all Lesson items, you can manually unpublish individual Lesson items later. Students cannot view unpublished Lesson items as part of a published Lesson.

Note: Please be aware that the status of the Lesson overrides the state of Lesson items. If an item is published within an unpublished Lesson, students cannot view the item on the Lessons page but they can still view the published items in other areas of Curve. However, they will not be able to interact with the item until the Lesson is published.


Lessons Student View

Students cannot see any of the actions involved with Draft State, such as published and unpublished icons and setting icons. Students will only see published Lessons and available Lesson content items.

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