How Do I Reorder Questions or Question Groups in a Quiz?

You can move quiz questions or groups after you've created them. You can manually drag and drop the question or group, or you can use the Move option, which is also accessible for keyboard users.

You can also reorder questions within a question group. However, please note that quiz ordering inside a question group is only a quiz management tool for instructors. Your students will always see questions from a group in a random order.

Note: To help identify quiz questions in the Move dialog menu, make sure each quiz question or group has a specific name.


Open Quizzes


In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.


Edit Quiz


Locate the quiz you want to edit. Click the Quiz Settings menu [1], then click the Edit link [2].


Open Questions


Click the Questions tab.


Locate Quiz Question or Group


Locate the question or group you want to move.


Reorder with Drag and Drop Option

You can use the drag and drop option to reorder quiz questions or groups.


Drag Question


Hover over the drag handle next to the question or group.



Click and drag the question or group to the desired location. A blue bar will appear where the question will “drop”. 

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