How Do I Edit a User's Details in an Account?

You can edit a user's details in your account.


Open Account


Select the Managed Account in the Courses & Groups drop-down menu.


Find a User


Locate Find A User on the sidebar. Type in the user's name [1] and click the Go button [2].


Open User Details


Click the user's name.


View User Details


To edit the user's details, click the Edit link.


Edit User Details


Here you can edit the user's details, but the user can change it back if they choose. The details you can edit here are:

  1. Full Name is used for grading, SIS imports, and other administrative items.
  2. Display Name is what other users will see in discussions, announcements, etc. The user can set his or her own display name if the setting is enabled.
  3. Sortable Name appears in sorted lists and admins can search for it.
  4. Time Zone can be set to where the user or institution is located.


Edit User Login Information


You can edit a user's login information if you have the correct permissions. Your Customer Success Manger or Implementation Consultant needs to select the Password setting by admins checkbox to allow admins to see the password fields. This allows you to manually change the following using the interface:

  1. Login ID can contain letters, numbers, or the following symbol characters:  - _ = +.
  2. SIS ID.
  3. Be sure to enter the password in both password fields, otherwise the password will not change.


When you are done, click the Update Login button [4].

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