How Do I Manually Create Groups in a Group Set?

In the Group Sets, you can choose to manually create groups.


Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.


Add Group Set

Click the Add Group Set button.


Create Groups Manually

Add a name for the Group Set [1]. Select whether you would like to allow self sign-up [2]. Make sure the I'll create groups manually option [3] is selected. Then click the Save button [4].


Add Group

To manually create groups within the Group Set, click the Add Group button.


Create Group

Name the group by typing in the Group Name field [1]. If you want to limit groups to a specific size, enter the maximum number of group members in the Limit groups to field [2]. To save the group, click the Save button [3].

Note: If your Group Set allows self sign-up and you set a group limit for the entire Group Set, the group limit will apply to each individual group you create. The option above allows you to modify the limitations within an individual group, such as changing one group to allow a few more members than the other groups. However, if you decide later to edit the entire Group Set and change the Group Set limitations, Curve will override all member limitations created within individual groups.


View Group

To create another group, click the Add Group button [1]. You can create as many groups as you need. You can keep track of the groups by locating the groups counter [2].


Manage Group

To manage a group, expand the group [1], then click the Group Settings icon [2]. To delete the group, click the Delete link [3]. To edit the name of the group, click the Edit link [4].

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