How Do I Manually Assign Students to Groups?

As an instructor, you can manually add students to a Group in both published and unpublished courses.


Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.


Open Group Set

Click the View User Groups button [1] or select an existing group set [2].


View Group

Confirm you have created all the groups for this group set. If you need more groups, you can create additional groups manually.


Manually Assign via Add Icon

You can search for the student via the Search bar [1]. Once you have found the student you wish to add, click the student name add icon [2] and select the group name [3].


View Groups

Curve will update the member count for that group to show the student has been added [1].

Continue to manually add students to groups until all students have been added.

To expand the group and view all group members, click the arrow icon [2] next to the group name.

If necessary, you can also move students between groups using the same method you used to add them to the groups initially.

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