How Do I Clone a Group Set?

If you want to copy an existing Group Set, you can clone the Group Set. Cloning a Group Set will copy the entire Group Set, including all groups, group leaders, and memberships. You can change group memberships if necessary. Instructors can also create a new name to differentiate the cloned group set.

Note: Groups should not be changed if they have been used for a group submission. Curve will display a warning message if you try to modify a group set that has student submissions. You can either choose to clone the existing Group Set or continue to modify the group. However, modifying the group may have unintended consequences for student grades.


Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.


Open Group Set

Click the View User Groups button [1] or an existing Group Set [2].


Clone Group Set

In the Group Set, click the Group Set Settings icon [1], then click the Clone Group Set link [2].


Create Group Set Name

In the Group Set Name field [1], create a new name for your group.

Click the Clone button [2].

Note: If you do not change the name, the group name will remain the same but identified as a clone.

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