How Do I Automatically Assign Students to Groups?

Once you create groups in a group set, you can randomly automatically assign students to those groups.

Note: Currently you cannot automatically assign students by section. If you want to assign by section, you'll have to assign students manually.


Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.


Open Group Set

Click the View User Groups button [1] or an existing group set [2].


View Group

Confirm you have created all the groups for this group set. If you need more groups, you can create additional groups manually.


Randomly Assign Students

Click the Group Set Settings icon [1], then click the randomly assign students option [2] to automatically assign students to the existing groups. A popup window will appear in your browser.


Confirm Assignments

Click the Okay button.


View Groups

View the group assignments. You can move students between groups if necessary.

Note: If the Students have been assigned to groups automatically, there should be no Unassigned Students, since all students have been assigned.

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